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InterBrews 152: Rick Tyler and Justin Gyorfi at The Hop Stop

InterBrews episode 152 was recorded at The Hop Stop in Humble, TX with owner Rick Tyler and with Ingenious Brewing‘s Justin Gyorfi. In this episode the guys talked to host Josh Stewart about The Hop Stops upcoming comedy night, the perfect tap lineup, the ins and outs of owning a badass bar, beer as a […]

InterBrews 151: Justin Gyorfi & Rick Tyler @ Ingenious Brewing

Episode 151 of InterBrews was recorded at Ingenious Brewing Company in Humble, TX with IBC’s Justin Gyorfi and The Hop Stop‘s Rick Tyler. Host Josh Stewart along with Schomberg (and Lucy) asks all about the story behind Ingenious, they’re approach to brewing, Phillips Hue lights, how NOT to use a samari sword, IBC’s upcoming grand […]

InterBrews 140: Preston Brown at The Grain Cellar

Episode 140 of InterBrews was recorded at The Grain Cellar in Humble, TX with owner and affable dude Preston Brown. In this episode we discuss home brewing, the ease of cider, mentorship, Kennedy’s need for timeliness, Mike’s Keezer, Josh’s Keezer, the finer points of Nitro, drinking in the closet, Preston’s favorite beer book, upcoming episodes […]