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InterBrews 116: Merry Christmas from #TheGreatPintSociety

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Just in time for May is the InterBrews Christmas show. Caleb Wilson from Texian Brewing, James Simpson from What’s on Tap Radio, Catherine Contreras from She’s Crafty Podcast and James Carlyle from Texas Homebrewers all joined Josh around the table for merriment and cheer. So enjoy a little peace on earth and good […]

InterBrews 063: Ben Smith & Bill Arnold at Austin Homebrew Supply

Episode 63 of InterBrews was recorded at Austin Homebrew Supply as part of The InterBrews Austin Road Trip. AHBS’s Ben Smith and Bill Arnold chatted with Josh about the history of Austin Homebrew, the Austin homebrew scene, their wildest homebrewed adventures and a whole lot more. Let this episode ferment in your ears for about […]