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InterBrews 066: Michael and Will at Austin Beerworks

Episode 67 of InterBrews was recorded at Austin Beerworks as part of the InterBrews Austin Roadtrip. Michael Graham and Will Golden, both founders of ABW, where gracious enough to sit down and do the podcast amid the hustle and bustle of the brewery. They discussed their beginnings as a brewery, their world class beers, the […]

InterBrews 065: Tim and Schmitty @ Real Ale

Episode 65 of InterBrews was recorded at Real Ale Brewing Company in Blanco, TX. Real Ale’s COO Tim Schwartz and Head Brewer Schmitty sat down in their brand new tap room to discuss Real Ale’s history, their beers, their new look and what to expect from Real Ale in the future. This podcast pairs well […]

InterBrews 064: Jeff, Ron, Adrienne and Garrett at Jester King Brewery

Episode 64 of the podcast was on location at Jester King. As part of the InterBrews Austin Road Trip, Jeff Stuffings, Garrett Crowell, Adrienne Ballou and Ron Extract sat down Josh to discuss their unique and personal approach to the art of beer. Jester King’s combination of unique beers, fabulous location and great people make […]

InterBrews 063: Ben Smith & Bill Arnold at Austin Homebrew Supply

Episode 63 of InterBrews was recorded at Austin Homebrew Supply as part of The InterBrews Austin Road Trip. AHBS’s Ben Smith and Bill Arnold chatted with Josh about the history of Austin Homebrew, the Austin homebrew scene, their wildest homebrewed adventures and a whole lot more. Let this episode ferment in your ears for about […]