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InterBrews 140: Preston Brown at The Grain Cellar

Episode 140 of InterBrews was recorded at The Grain Cellar in Humble, TX with owner and affable dude Preston Brown. In this episode we discuss home brewing, the ease of cider, mentorship, Kennedy’s need for timeliness, Mike’s Keezer, Josh’s Keezer, the finer points of Nitro, drinking in the closet, Preston’s favorite beer book, upcoming episodes […]

InterBrews 097: Eric Warner and David Graham at Karbach Brewing with Brewheart Apparel’s Ms Shannon Parker and Surprise Guest Erik Ogershok

On episode 97 InterBrews welcomes Karbach Brewing’s Eric Warner and David Graham. David has been on the podcast a handful of times while this is Eric’s first foray onto the podcast. We discuss Karbach’s meteoric rise on the Texas craft beer scene as we’ll as a bit about Eric’s history that brought him to Houston. […]

InterBrews 063: Ben Smith & Bill Arnold at Austin Homebrew Supply

Episode 63 of InterBrews was recorded at Austin Homebrew Supply as part of The InterBrews Austin Road Trip. AHBS’s Ben Smith and Bill Arnold chatted with Josh about the history of Austin Homebrew, the Austin homebrew scene, their wildest homebrewed adventures and a whole lot more. Let this episode ferment in your ears for about […]