InterBrews 139: Herb, Mike & Ned at Under The Radar Brewery 

Episode 139 of InterBrews was recorded at Under The Radar Brewery. Herb Garcia, Mike Norfleet and Ned Davis sat down with InterBrews host Josh Stewart along with Kennedy and Schomberg to discuss the path to opening UTR along with the first 10 months in business. Of course there was lots of delicious beer including Radar Love Hefeweizen, Dirty Blonde Ale, Mid Frequency IPA, Midtown Bock, and Porter Authority. It was a little something for everyone. Also discussed in this episode were the goals and future aspirations for UTR as well as board games and Herb’s cutthroat approach and Ned’s recommendations for proper vegamite consumption and much much more. This is InterBrews

Cruzin Cooler

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