InterBrews 103: Viva La Mexico!! and Alex Vasquez

MexicoBiloxi Chandeleur Crooked letter Lazy Magnolia









MS Brewing

Episode 103 was recorded in the InterBrews Stew-dio where Josh & TD Mike welcomed in Greg “Mexico” Mendez and Alex Vasquez in from Mississippi via Skype to discuss the fantastic beers that Mexico sent. Both Mexico and Alex work in the craft beer industry in Mississippi. Mexico at Chandeleur Brewing in Gulfport and Alex is one of the founders at Mississippi Brewing also in Gulfport. Along with the treasure trove of Mississippi beer mail that magically appeared at the Stew’d Productions World Headquarters, the guys go deep on all things Mississippi beer. So Hotty Toddy Yadda Yadda Yadda. This Is InterBrews!


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