InterBrews 099: Brody, David, Garrison and Adam with Ms Shannon Parker at Spindletap Brewery

22780886090_88dcff5740_oEpisode 99 of InterBrews was recorded on Tuesday November 11 2015 at SpindleTap Brewery. One of Houston’s newest breweries, SpindleTap is open and ready to serve up their delicious beers to you. They are located near 59 and Little York on Hirsch Rd in Houston. Their taproom is amazing in it’s decor and size and amenities. They have tvs galore for all the football games on Saturday and Sunday as well a BADASS tailgate rig cooking up gourmet burgers, hotdogs and steaks. They have a good variety of styles out of the gate to accommodate the super hop head to the person just getting their toes into the craft beer pool as well some fun experimental tap room only beers. Most importantly Spindletap is made up of a good group of guys that love craft beer and want to show you their take on it. Speaknig of good people, our super cool guest cohost Ms Shannon Parker from Brewheart Apparel is back on mic this episode. Brewheart brings us our Beer Style Profile, it’s an “oldie” but a goodie. Also on this episode James Carlyle and Texas Homebrewers brings us his 2 Pints Worth and Alan Ward and the crew at Brigadoon Brewery and Brew School bring us our Moment In Beer History. I’ll take a “pole” to see what you all learned. So enjoy this craft beer fueled conversation and go visit Spindletap Brewery NOW!! This is InterBrews.22780882330_86bfbb8464_o 22780875440_f9d6332bd5_o 22576719389_b58a142b45_oFor The Love of Craft Beer It’s Brewheart Apparel

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James Carlyle’s 2 Pints Worth is Brought to You by Texashomebrewers


The Brigadoon Brewery Moment In Beer History is Presented by Brigadoon Brewert and Brew School

Moment in Beer History

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