InterBrews 098: Brandi and Catherine from She’s Crafty Podcast

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B & CEpisode 98 of InterBrews welcomes in Brandi Dunagan and Catherine Contrerras of She’s Crafty Podcast. Coming to us in between bites of lunch from an undisclosed cafe somewhere in North Central San Antonio, these ladies are bringing their own brand of comedy and craft beer love to a pair of earbuds near you. In this episode many of the topics included are child rearing, acid trips, video entertainment streaming and fornication, puddin pops, accents, Pinterest, cartoons, proper glassware, Shamu, and of course craft beer. We cannot thank our sponsors enough. Brewheart Apparel’s Beer Style Profile is all about Doppel Bocks, James Carlyle and Texas Homebrewers brings us this episodes 2 Pints Worth and our Brigadoon Brewery Moment In Beer History is pure Guiness er uh I mean genius. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode of InterBrews as much as we enjoyed making it. So if you’re hoppy and you know it, drink a beer. This is InterBrews.

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