InterBrews 094: Seth & Mark Earnest @ Copperhead Brewing


Episode 94 was recorded at Copperhead Brewing Company in downtown Conroe, TX. Seth and Mark Earnest have opened up a fantastic brewery and taproom you need to make a point to visit. Brewing up delicious beers with Belgium and English roots means they are going to have something to appeal to tastes all over the beer loving spectrum. Their beer roots run deep as Mark started homebrewing in the early 2000’s and teaching his son’s the art of brew (Seth’s brother is a brewer at St Arnold) they now find themselves the founders of the newest brewery in what is becoming a great beer scene in Montgomery County.21681591809_f5675c148a_o Listen in as we try and discuss their beers including Copperhead White (a super refreshing Belgium Wit) and Copperhead Red (A beer Josh describes as “your favorite flannel shirt on a cool autumn day” of beers. It wouldn’t be an episode of InterBrews without a little education and educate we did. Mike and Schomberg learned about the physical, emotional and psychological affects of alcohol on the human body in Brew U. James Carlyle and Texas Homebrewers bring us our 2 Pints Worth, where we learn about the importance of understanding a beer style before we attempt to brew it. In this episode’s Moment in Beer History presented to us by Brigadoon Brewery and Brew School we learn about the legend of St Arnold (or Arnouf if you like) and why he is one of the Patron Saints of Brewers. All this and more on episode 94. Enjoy! This is InterBrews

Brigadoon Brewery Moment In Beer History Is Brought to You By Brigadoon Brewery and Brew School

Moment in Beer History

Life Is Too Short To Drink Bad Beer

James Carlyle’s 2 Pints Worth Is Presented By Texas Homebrewers


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