InterBrews 121: Jon Odom from Enchanted Manor Meadery

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Episode 121 was recorded at Griffin Meadery in Willis, TX. Jon Odom, head mead maker and founder of Enchanted Manor Meadery joins the conversation with Griffin Meadery’s Bruce Leslie and InterBrews host Josh Stewart to tell how EMM became the official mead of The Texas Renaissance Festival and all about his awesome meads. Also discussed is the Texas Mead Fest, The Texas Mead Cup and much, much more. This Is InterBrews.

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InterBrews 120: More at Griffin Meadery with Bruce and Bridgett Leslie

Texas Mead Fest posterOh how sweet (or semi-sweet or dry) it is to hang out with our friends Bruce and Bridgett Leslie at Griffin Meadery in Willis, TX. We talk more mead and life. This is InterBrews.

InterBrews 119: Bridgett & Bruce Leslie on Griffin Meadery and The Texas Mead Fest

Texas Mead Fest poster

Episode 119 takes us back out to Griffin Meadery. Bruce and Bridgett Leslie talk mead with Josh and Kennedy as well as all the upcoming awesomeness of The Texas Mead Fest and The Texas Mead Cup.

Liquid Lunch 001: Liquid Launch with Ryan Huff & Alan Ward

Our Launch of Liquid Lunch Live can be heard again here!!! For our first attempt at a live streaming audio show we brought in Ryan Huff from Huff Brewing in Bellville to discuss his new blog as well as what’s happening at their tap room. We also talked to Alan Ward of Brigadoon Brewery and Brew School about the rescheduling of Houston Firkin Fest and Brigadoon’s new facility. More live shows to come soon!! Liquid Lunch Live!!!!

InterBrews: Caleb and Josh on Burps

Josh the giant

Caleb Wilson from Texian Brewing and InterBrews Host Josh Stewart discuss the finer points of self induced burps.

InterBrews: Dave, Josh & Heather on Dora the Explorer

Dora riff pic

Quick nugget with Southern Star’s Dave and Heather on Dora the Explorer and the future of Map. Fueled by Nitro Valkrie IPA.

InterBrews 116: Merry Christmas from #TheGreatPintSociety

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Just in time for May is the InterBrews Christmas show. Caleb Wilson from Texian Brewing, James Simpson from What’s on Tap Radio, Catherine Contreras from She’s Crafty Podcast and James Carlyle from Texas Homebrewers all joined Josh around the table for merriment and cheer. So enjoy a little peace on earth and good beer for friends. This is InterBrews

InterBrews 115: Round 2 @ Southern Star with Dave and Heather

Round 2 at Southern Star’s new brewery with Dave and Heather hits a little below the belt. InterBrews host Josh gets “expert analysis” from a Polish company’s “feminine” approach to making beer. Dave talks selling their beer outside of Texas and gives Core Brewing of Springdale, AR some mad props. Heather tells us how her role has changed and how fun it is to talk Southern Star beer for a living and TD Mike enlightens us all on women and beer. Really. Enjoy the show, This is InterBrews!

InterBrews 114: Dave & Heather at THE NEW Southern Star Brewery

¬†Episode 114 of InterBrews is full of mystery and unknow truths. With their new taproom and glorious new brewery, Southern Star BC has a beer that will get you wondering “what exactly is this?” or will it? The point is you don’t know for sure. Or will you? I’ve said too much already. Are Dave and Heather from SSBC actually on this episode or is it someone pretending to be them? Is this actually an episode of InterBrews or something completly different all together? You’ll have to listen to find out for sure. This is InterBrews!





Or is it?