InterBrews 032: James Carlyle and Texas Homebrewers

Who's Got 2 Thumbs and can answer all your homebrewing questions? This guy right here! James Carlyle is our guest on this episode of InterBrews

Who’s Got 2 Thumbs and can answer all your homebrewing questions? This guy right here! James Carlyle is our guest on this episode of InterBrews

This Episode of InterBrews finds Josh back out on the beer trail. He headed over to Texas Homebrewers in Katy, TX to interview James Carlyle. They of course talked homebrew, evaluated some beers including a compare and contrast of Southern Star’s Burried Hatchet Stout and St Arnold’s Icon Blue Brown Porter. Also mentioned were plans of a new future location for Texas Homebrewers. James also had some samples of a Kiwi Wit for an upcoming release at No Label, it was AWESOME! Also in the show James and Josh discussed the benefits of joining a homebrew club like the CIA the Cane Island Alers.




InterBrews 031: Clay Wicker and Cycler’s Brewing

Cycler's Brewing is located in Montgomery, TX

Cycler’s Brewing is located in Montgomery, TX

Episode 31 of InterBrews finds Josh on location in Montgomery, TX at Cycler’s Brewing to have a chat with Clay Wicker. Clay in the founder, head brewer and dog washer at Cycler’s. In this episode you will hear wonders about the delicious beers Clay and the gang create. You will get first hand reactions to Josh trying some of their beers for the first time. And you will get tips for how to properly enjoy your Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. Clay also mentions his other company Final Touch Granite and Remodeling and some other brewer’s beers he enjoys. So listen in and get to know a real swell guy named Clay and go try his beers, you’ll be glad you did. This is InterBrews.

Beers drank on this show




  4. 55-11 IMPERIAL RED



Beers Mentioned

  1. Shipyard Pumpkinhead
  2. Innis & Gunn

Other Mentions

  1. Rockwell Tavern and Grill
  2. Alamo Draft House Houston
  3. Blue Mug Cafe


InterBrews 030: No Label Night at Hubbell & Hudson

Yum Yum Get You Some

  Yum Yum Get You Some

OZZIE!!! Thanks Buddy
OZZIE!!! Thanks Buddy


We went on location for this episode. Curtis and Josh went to No Label night at Hubbell & Hudson on Research Forrest in The Woodlands. It was a great time. Thanks to Ozzie for serving up the delicious No Label brews and to Jose & Richard (he’s got a big territory) of Favorite Brands of Houston and Jason the beer guru and Amy the Boss of Hubbell & Hudson. It was an awsome night. Thanks to everyone who let Josh interview you and get your opinions on the beer. Greg, thanks for showing up at the end. Good job.


InterBrews 029: Royale Rumbeer

This is the mayor you want supporting your beerfest

This is the mayor you want supporting your beerfest

As Curtis watched the Royal Rumble, InterBrews episode 29 was created. In this first episode of 2014, Greg talks of new Trappist monks and a new Houston beer fest. In Beer Odyssey, Curtis tells of a malt bomb that left him wanting more. And Josh gives endorsement of the IPA glasses.

Hop Culture Stories

Big Brew Destination beerfest

New Trappist Brewery

Arnold Bud Light Ping Pong

Beers Mentioned

  1. No Label 1st Street Ale
  2. Karbach Hopadillo IPA
  3. Karbach El Hopadillo Negro
  4. No Label Pale Horse
  5. Saint Arnold Elissa IPA
  6. Lips of Faith – Yuzu
  7. Lips of Faith – Cocnut Curry Hefeweizen
  8. Lagunitas – A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale
  9. Wychwood – Hobgoblin
  10. Sierra Nevada – Ruthless Rye IPA
  11. Oskar Blues – Dale’s Pale Ale
  12. Founders – Dirty Bastard
  13. Founders – All Day IPA
  14. Founders – Breakfast Stout
  15. Karbach – Rodeo Clown
  16. Squatters – Hell’s Keep
  17. Ballast Point – Dorado DIPA
  18. New Belgium – Spring Blonde
  19. Victory – Hop Devil IPA
  20. Ballast Point – Tounge Buckler
  21. Rahr and Sons – BB Winter Warmer
  22. Ballast Point – Calico Copper Amber Ale
  23. Miller Lite




InterBrews 028:

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Episode 28 of InterBrews has the guys back together in studio. In Hop Culture Greg tells us about the new breweries being built by Alamo, Southern Star and Karbach. He also makes mention of a milkshake using Rahr & Sons Ugly Pug, bacon and maple syrup as ingredients. Curtis discusses Ballast Point Sculpin IPA and all the guys discuss Karbach’s Cherries of Fire in Beer Odyssey. Josh gives his review of Brew Dogs and more. This is InterBrews

InterBrews 027: Southern Star Brewing Company’s David Fougeron

What Heisenberg did for Blue Meth, Southern Star has done for Black Crack

What Heisenberg did for Blue Meth, Southern Star has done for Black Crack

Episode 27 of InterBrews is strait out of Conroe. Josh visited Southern Star Brewing Company and had a nice long chat with founder Dave Fougeron. In their conversation Dave’s history with Saint Arnold is covered, as well as the genesis of Southern Star and big plans for a new building, new beers and new traditions. There is a little something for everyone in this show. Dave and Josh talk about stuff that will interest a craft beer beginner, the intermediate craft beer drinker and the super beer dorks. Visit Southern Star and tell them InterBrews sent you. Listen to Dave on this episode while drinking a Southern Star beer and enjoy. This is InterBrews.

Southern Star's Dave Fougeron is a man with a plan and a can(s)

Southern Star’s Dave Fougeron is a man with a plan and a can(s)


InterBrews 026: No Label Brewery show

Our Interview with Brian & Jennifer Royo

Our Interview with Brian & Jennifer Royo

Jennifer and Brian Royo are a couple of cool cats. They are also the founders of No Label Brewing Company and on this episode of InterBrews. Josh took a drive out to Katy and the Royos were nice enough not to have him removed from the property. Brian and Jennifer took time from their GABF trip preparations to chat with Josh about the No Label story and a look into the No Label future. Enjoy the show and head out to Katy for a Friday at the brewery or a Saturday kid and dog friendly tour. Great people, Great beer and Great pod. Enjoy the show and enjoy. This is InterBrews.


Yeahhhh, we're talking to you pal.

Yeahhhh, we’re talking to you pal.

Episode 25 of InterBrews finds the fellas back together in studio. Josh, Greg and Curtis are back to discuss craft beer love. Josh opens the show with a welcome and a story about Whip In in Austin and their issues with Dogfish Head. Greg hits us with stories about fall seasonal beers and craft beer bubbles in Hop Culture. Curtis has beers to share including one from the previously mentioned Dogfish head as well as a “beast” of a beer that clocks in at 18% ABV on his Beer Odyssey. Josh mentions the documentary Beer Culture (see below) and teases his upcoming interview with No Label’s Jennifer Royo. This and a whole lot more. Thanks for listening. This is InterBrews.

Beers Drunk During the Show

Hop Culture Stories

Beer Odyssey Beers

Beers Mentioned

Other Mentions