InterBrews 132: Dave, Heather and Omar at Southern Star Brewing

1 hour couldn’t  fit in all the Southern Star Brewing Company awesomeness! We have a second hour with Dave Fougeron and Heather Hamilton and a special appearence by Omar Viengar. We talk about the gateway nature of Bombshell Blonde, VR, being crushable, wizard staffs and much much more. This is InterBrews!

InterBrews 131: Southern Star’s Dave Fougeron and Heather Hamilton

Episode 131 brought InterBrews back to Southern Star Brewing Company to chat with Owner/Founder Dave Fougeron and Marketing Ace Heather Hamilton about all the awesome things going on at SSBC. Some of those topics included their 9th Anniversary Party, their new Dark Ale made with Transylvanian metal legends Negura Bunget and much more like:

  • What fruits are ok for beer
  • What fruits are not ok for beer
  • Putting one’s head between men’s thighs
  • Who made the moon
  • Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard
  • Shooting the boot

We also discussed the concert being put on at Southern Star by Negura Bunget. 

InterBrews 130: Kathryn and John Holler at Holler Brewing Company

Episode 130 of InterBrews was recorded at Holler Brewing Company in Houston, TX. Located in the historic Arts District, Kathryn and John Holler are crafting delicious beers for the enjoyment of Houston craft beer fans near and far. Their 7 BBL brewhouse allows them to put out tons of variety and will keep you coming back to try what’s new and to get a little more of your favorites. With styles ranging from Pilsner to Russian Imperial Stout, you’re sure to find one that sings to you. They even have cold brew nitro coffee!! Listen to our episode at Holler Brewing to learn more and get to know the family behind the beer. Holler if you hear me!! This is InterBrews!


Check Out Cruzin Cooler! A Houston Company

InterBrews 129: Brian Thum and Cruzin Cooler

On Episode 129 of InterBrews we welcome in Brian Thum. Brian Thum is the owner of Cruzin Cooler. Cruzin Coolers are badass motorized coolers you can drive. It’s also a Houston company. We talk to Brian about his company, his products and the beer we put in them. This is InterBrews. 

InterBrews 128: Sean Hanrahan and Kerry Embertson at Platypus Brewing


Episode 128 was recorded at Platypus Brewing Company in Houston. This Texas brewery with an Australian soul is whipping up some great beers and serving some delicious food too. Founder/Owner Sean Hanrahan and Head Brewer Kerry Embertson sat down with InterBrews to discuss their new brewery, Australian culture, the duck billed platypus and much much more. So put on your pluggers, head over to Platypus Brewing Company and listen to this episode on the way. This is InterBrews!

InterBrews 127: Sigma Brewing’s Matt Peterson


Matt Peterson of Sigma Brewing Company sat down with host Josh Stewart to discuss the opening of their brewery located in Houston’s East End. They also talked about reuben sandwiches. For a long time. If you get through this episode and don’t crave a reuben you don’t love reubens. This is InterBrews.

InterBrews 126: Eureka Heights’ Casey Motes


Episode 126 was recorded at Eureka Heights Brewing Company. In this episode Host Josh Stewart sat down with Eureka Heights head brewer and founder Casey Motes to discuss his new brewery, his awesome beers, his favorite country music artists and his love for puns. Enjoy the show and head down to Eureka Heights and check out their taproom and take home a crowler. This is InterBrews.

InterBrews 125: 2016 Texas Mead Fest

Episode 125 of InterBrews was recorded at the 2016 Texas Mead Fest in Conroe. A great time was had by all! In this episode we talked to representatives from Blessed Bee Winery, Dancing Bee Winery, Griffin Meadery, Enchanted Manor Meadery, Meridian Hive Meadery as well as guests and much much more. InterBrews was super proud to be a sponsor of this fine event. Enjoy the show, this is InterBrews.

InterBrews 124: Marcus & Kinga Wunderle at Baa Baa Brewhouse

Episode 124 of InterBrews was recorded at Baa Baa Brewhouse in Brookshire, TX. Owners Marcus and Kinga Wunderle sat down with host Josh Stewart to discuss their beers, their passions and their vision foe their brewery. Go check out this family oriented haven and tell them InterBrews sent you. Enjoy the conversation. This is InterBrews.